In this project, SALT was asked to join Vertical Gardens as vegetation consultants, helping to develop the landscape for a new metro station in Riyadh designed by Snøhetta.

A long curving garden of local and drought-tolerant plants form a garden to explore - adjacent to the metro entrance - with local date palms dotting the entry plaza. The walls of the lower atrium are draped with plants forming a rich green vertical wall. The adjacent planters utilize the same plant materials, creating the appearance of a continuous plant tapestry.

Concept renderings courtesy of Snohetta

The Qasr Al Hokm Downtown Metro Station will become an icon for the renaissance of the city of Riyadh. Building upon the principles of sustainability, the station highlights a new consciousness of this generation, to build a future that recognizes the value of natural resources and its important role in urban regeneration, based upon the principals of sustainable urbanism.
The Downtown Metro station is designed as an urban plaza with a large canopy providing shade to the surrounding public spaces and channeling daylight down into train station below ground. The polished stainless steel canopy functions as a landmark signaling the station's entrance.

The Metro Station's design is sustainable on multiple levels – environmentally sustainable in providing energy, water conservation, daylight harvesting, natural shading and ventilation; economically sustainable in providing an efficient public transport hub in a densely populated city to reduce traffic congestion, and above all socially sustainable, providing a vibrant public space for all the citizens of Riyadh to enjoy.

 - Snohetta

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