Working with Isaac Brown, Landscape Architect and Doctoral candidate in Urban Ecology at UCLA, SALT team members Allen Compton, Ellen Epley, and Eri Yamagata contributed to the international quarterly urban design magazine, My Livable City. In their essay, they explore the transformative potential of injecting ecological habitat and employing sustainable strategies in one of LA’s busiest and oldest streets - Vermont Avenue.

Illustrations by Eri Yamagata

“Along three distinct yet equally overlooked portions of Vermont Avenue, three case studies for ecological strategies emerge: a broad landscape median, a remnant urban natural area and a lost creek. For each portion, we draw from personal experience, historical precedent and the Ecotopes database to discuss context-sensitive methods of promoting urban ecology while improving the pedestrian experience and preserving the viability of auto travel.“

You can read the full article here

“As engineers, landscape architects, planners and urban designers, we must rapidly expand our toolbox of design strategies so that street design can strengthen ecological, social and economic systems, improving environmental stewardship and living conditions for city dwellers, particularly our more vulnerable communities.”

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