As part of our multi-site beach front renovations in Long Beach, the improvements at Granada Beach are centered around family activities. An innovative water and sand park features a series of interactive mechanisms that offer learning opportunities through play time.  

The beach front improvement plan, developed by SALT and RA-DA for the City of Long Beach, aims to connect and revitalize one of California’s largest urban coastlines. By supporting existing activities while creating entirely new experiences and destinations, this plan ensures a vibrant, safe, and welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike. Four highlighted areas address key intervention sites, including public restrooms, visitor centers, cafes, rental kiosks, an adventure playground, and a new public swimming pool. These sites are linked by the waterfront as well as a walking promenade and bike path.
Photography by Michael Wells
The water and sand play park blends seamlessly into the natural beach front landscape, offering children and their families an exciting new outdoor activity along the coastline. Utilizing the power of water, users can pump, direct, dam, and manually manipulate the water flow to create different experiences and outcomes both as a group activity or during individual play time.

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