The team at SALT enjoyed working with Gonzales Goodale Architects on this joint senior and community center project in Kelby Park.

This project allowed our team to work closely with local leaders and user groups to find design solutions for senior residents with universal accessibility at the forefront, a topic that greatly interests our firm. Meaningful engagement with the community led to historic and culturally relevant integration of elements such as Valencia orange trees and a wall mural. ADA compliant pathways feature integrated seating throughout, custom designed to sitamongst blooming gardens to create a lush outdoor space that could be easily accessed and enjoyed.  
Concept renderings courtesy of Gonzales Goodale Architects

This project utilized a Design-Build approach to develop an effective yet efficient plan which would satisfy the user group and the budget supplied by a combination of Federal, County, and local dollars.  The end result is a facility that supports and celebrates popular senior programs while also welcoming the greater community.

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