Together with team of designers, including NAC and Frederic Rolland Architects, SALT Landscape Architects is designing a 25-acre Monastery Retreat Center for the Hsi Lai Temple.

The project aspires to deepen the Temple’s mission of service to the community, by creating a space of contemplation, meditation, and learning. The proposed Monastery Retreat Center seeks to preserve open space by limiting developed areas, roads and buildings, to 25% of the site. To further minimize the impact to existing habitats, all lighting shall be dark sky appropriate, fencing shall be wildlife permeable and wildlife corridor adjacent land shall remain open.
An existing Los Angeles County Hiking and Equestrian Trail runs through the site along the existing fire road. Working closely with LA County Recreation and Parks and Trail Consultants, we are proposing to re-route the trail to provide a more beautiful and varied experience for public use.

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