In collaboration with RADAR, SALT has designed a collection of integrated interior furniture in a new office for a creative tech brand that specializes in urban lifestyle and fashion.

The design is composed of a series of CMU planters and Coastal Live Oak furniture. CMU was selected to bring in an element commonly found in urban environments, a texture that reflects the company’s brand identity.

Aggregation of CMU and wood modules.

CMU and wood modules study.

The typology of each individual piece is unique and serves a specific use in the space, yet the material palette and general style all fit within the same family.  As a result, the collective becomes a series of art pieces that are specific to the site's spatial conditions.
While planters are nestled within the programmed space, a central sculptural wood piece serves as a spine that respects the emptiness of the open corridor. Planters also work as components to emphasize the verticality connecting the ground floor and mezzanine.
The SALT team is collaborating with Inner Gardens for curation and maintenance of the plants. We are also working with Angel City Lumber for the central sculptural piece and the wood furniture elements.

Detail drawings of the elements.

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