Inspired by the quote from composer Morton Feldman, "I am interested in how the wild beast lives in the jungle, not in the zoo."

This 25,000-square foot garden encircles the Wild Beast Music Pavilion, amplifying and extending the Hodgetts + Fung designed performance venue into the hillside landscape. The open lawn and terraced amphitheater are designed to accommodate 750 patrons for outdoor concerts and events.

“ The Wildbeast music pavilion is a multi-purpose performance space, able to be quickly transformed from an indoor classroom and recital hall to an open-air orchestra shell...

Sited at the gateway to the 1970’s era campus, the project serves a multitude of purposes for which acoustics, structural design, materials, and symbolic presence were integrated to produce a building which was conceived as a highly tuned instrument for musical performance.

A combination of rotating, sliding, and pivoting surfaces allow the pavilion to easily and quickly adapt both spatially and acoustically to a variety of performance configurations.

Large sliding doors on the South elevation enable casual outdoor performances before an audience seated on the lawn under an existing canopy of trees, and the rotating surfaces on the North wall may be adjusted to project natural sound towards them.

-Hodgetts + Fung

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