Thursday, September 13 / 2018

Allen Compton, Mia Lehrer, and Cliff Garten on the Future of Landscape Architecture in Southern California

QCP is hosting Allen Compton, along with Mia Lehrer of Studio MLA and Cliff Garten of Cliff Garten Studio in a panel discussion on Thursday, September 13. The three panelists will discuss “The Future of Landscape Architecture in Southern California.” The conversation will be moderated by Michael Todoran of Rios Clementi Hale Studios and the Landscape Architecture Podcast

Please join us from 6:30-8:30, at 249 South Mission Road, LA CA 90033. This event is sponsored by Shaw and Sons Concrete and QCP Concrete Solutions.
Monday, July 23 / 2018


Eri Yamagata is the newest addition to our growing team at SALT, and we are thrilled to have her on board! Eri has a Masters Degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design in Landscape Architecture and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architectural Design from Parsons The New School for Design. Her interests in fabrication and community engagement led to her involvement in public art installations in New York City and an exhibition at the Setouchi Triennale Art Festival in Japan.

Prior to joining SALT, she worked for three years at Future Green Studio, focused on material prototypes and urban flora. Her passion is designing dynamic interactions and performances amongst the community, ecology and culture of a site.  

Monday, June 04 / 2018


We are very excited to bring Jose Devora onto the SALT team! With broad experience in landscape design, construction and maintenance, Jose has worked on high schools, housing, masterplans and has completed multiple residential projects.

His curiosity about environmental design emerged from his upbringing in the heterogeneous city of Los Angeles, and as a designer, he is interested in landscape architecture as a catalyst for ecological performance and social impact. Jose is a Graduate of Cal Poly Pomona and has previous experience at Stoss Landscape Urbanism.
Tuesday, March 06 / 2018

SALT Promotions

SALT is pleased to announce the promotion of three Senior Designers to Associate level:

Sarah Lindell who has been at SALT since 2013, previously worked at Ahbe Landscape Architects and GreenTree Lansdcaping.

Mike Tramutola joined the SALT team in early 2017. He previously worked at Rios Clementi Hale Studios in Los Angeles and Hargreaves Associates in San Francisco

Grace Sullano joined SALT in 2017. She previously worked at Los Angeles based Architecture and Design offices including Plac-e, Orange Street Studio, and John Kaliski Architects.
Wednesday, January 31 / 2018

Making LA Age-Friendly

On Wednesday, the team at SALT attended an exhibit hosted by USC Dornsife Spatial Sciences Institute faculty and students in the USC Age-Friendly Los Angeles “Wicked Problems” Practicum. This exhibit focused on how cities, developers, designers, and everyone in-between can come together to make urban environments safer and more livable for the elderly. 

From emergency evacuation plans to bus benches, crowdsourced pedestrian crossings to free flu shots, these students inspired our team with their empathy, ambition, and talent.

Thanks USC!

Photos of the Wednesday event (Top photo courtesy USC)

Tuesday, January 09 / 2018

Homeland Lab interviews Rachel Allen and Allen Compton on homelessness in LA

Allen Compton and frequent collaborator Rachel Allen are interviewed in this Homeland Lab Podcast. Homeland Lab is a podcast series “exploring the interstection of public space and homelessness.”

Listen here.

On today’s podcast I interview Allen Compton, Principal and Founder of SALT Landscape Architects and Rachel Allen of Rachel Allen Architecture, who, among other projects, are helping to reimagine one of the more contested public spaces in America: Pershing Square. Our conversation in their studio space in Downtown LA’s Fashion District, was discursive and exploratory, probing the themes of homelessness, architecture, landscape architecture and urban design and exploring how those design disciplines are poised to respond to the challenges of homelessness in a city where the phenomenon is most prevalent and widespread. We explore the deliberate design of Skid Row, Allen’s work for the Skid Row Housing Trust and the future of downtown LA’s open spaces, but we started the conversation with their reflections not as designers, but as Angelinos.
-Homeland Lab

Thursday, November 16 / 2017

Mike Tramutola to speak at the A+D Museum

As part of the Shaping Environments Landscape Lecture Series, SALT Senior Designer Mike Tramutola will speak Thursday night at the Los Angeles Architectuer and Design Museum in the Arts District.

Following the success of our Building Beautifully in LA series, A+D Museum is delighted to present the Shaping Environments: Landscape Lecture Series.

Mike Tramutola, Landscape Architect and Senior Designer, SALT Landscape Architects

Over his career with Rios Clementi Hale Studios in Los Angeles and Hargreaves Associates in San Francisco, Mike has completed projects at a wide range of scales from urban to domestic, winning awards in Design, Innovation and Sustainability. In service of clients such as the General Services Administration, California Institute of Technology, Woodbury University, Stanford University, and NBCUniversal, Mike has developed detail design, written development guidelines, and overseen the construction of streestcapes, plazas, courtyards, playgrounds, and parks. Born in the Central Valley and raised in the Bay, Mike is fascinated by California, our own particular seasons, geography, peoples, food and plants. Mike is a graduate of Oberlin College and the University of Virginia, and has been a visiting design critic at USC, Woodbury, and California College of the Arts and serves as a mentor to design graduates and high school students.

Tickets $5 at the door. Free for A+D members.


October / 2017

Podcast: Claire Latane and Allen Compton on landscape in LA and cofounding LALA

In the fall 2017 edition of LArchitect: The Landscape Architecture Podcast, Allen and Claire discuss LALA:

Allen Compton is the Owner and Principal of SALT Landscape Architects in Los Angeles, CA, and Claire Latané is Senior associate at Studio MLA in Los Angeles. Claire and Allen also comprise 2 of the 3 founders of "LALA" which stands for Los Angeles Landscape Architecture. This collective group of design professionals positions itself to be both a resource and platform for investigation for landscape architects in Los Angeles.

October / 2017

Allen Compton interviewed in Landscape Architecture Magazine

In “Paint the Town Gray,“ an article by Timothy A. Schuler for Landscape Architecture Magazine, our very own Allen Compton reflects (pun intended) on the applications of painted asphalt.

Allen Compton, ASLA, a principal at SALT Landscape Architects and the cochair of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee, is curious to see the results. But he also wonders whether or not there might be urban side effects, such as a decrease in the visibility of road striping, or troublesome glare.

The biggest question may be to what extent a local reduction in temperatures helps the world at large. A 2017 study conducted by scientists at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which has consulted with Los Angeles on its pilot, compared traditional pavement and coatings like CoolSeal and found that the additional energy and emissions needed to produce the latter exceeds any energy savings achieved through lower surface temperatures. In other words, these coatings could have a net-negative environmental impact.

-“Paint the Town Gray,

October / 2016

Allen Compton and Lauren Hammer featured in My Livable City

The Oct/Dec 2016 Issue of My Livable City, focusing on urban infrastructure from water management in the Netherlansd to the subways of Tokyo, Allen Compton and Lauren Hammer discuss “approaches to integrating pedestrian, parkalnd, and storm water infrastructures, as a way of rethinking place-making in drought-stricken Southern California.” 

Friday, February 5 / 2016

Allen Compton debates “Drought and Beauty” during the Landscape as Necessity series for the Arid Lands Institute

As part of the ongoing Landscape as necessity series, Allen Compton of SALT debated on a panel with Els Verbakel and Elie Derman (Derman Verbakel Architecture, Tel Aviv), with Rennie Tang ( Cal Poly Pomona, Landscape Architecture Program) as moderator.

The event took place Friday, February 5, 2016 , 6 pmLA Cleantech Incubator, 525 South Hewitt, Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90013.

The series was organized and sponsored by: USC, Graduate Landscape Architecture + Urbanism Program; UCLA, Extension Program in Landscape Architecture; Cal Poly Pomona, Landscape Architecture Program; Arid Lands Institute; LALA, Landscape Architects Los Angeles; Mia Lehrer + Associates

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