As part of our multi-site beach front renovations in Long Beach, the improvements at Junipero Beach focus on health and wellness and include new basketball courts, outdoor workout stations, and a children’s playground. 

The beach front improvement plan, developed by SALT and RA-DA for the City of Long Beach, aims to connect and revitalize one of California’s largest urban coastlines. By supporting existing activities while creating entirely new experiences ans destinations, this plan ensures a vibrant, safe, and welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike.

Four highlighted areas address key intervention sites, including public restrooms, visitor centers, cafes, rental kiosks, an adventure playground, and a new public swimming pool. These sites are linked by the waterfront as well as a walking promenade and bike path.
Photography by Michael Wells
The 7,500 square foot playground sits adjacent to a new concession stand, design by RA-DA, with a clear view of the ocean just a few steps away. The concept for the play structures was inspired by a Treasure Island theme, with roped ship-like structures that offer a variety of activities for children such as climbing, slides, and swings.

“There’s a lot to like about Long Beach these days, as the sister city to the south continues to grow with young new families and a load of great eating and drinking spots around town. Next up on the list of fine places to dine could in fact be the beachfront, with news of a total overhaul coming to several concessions stands right along the beach.

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia tweeted out the below images of a revitalized waterfront today, showing off major concessions changes that would elevate the open space to something of a destination unto itself. Indeed there are three massive renovation projects coming to the Junipero, Alameda, and Granada concessions buildings, as listed on the City of Long Beach’s City Manager website.”
-Eater Los Angeles
Concept renderings show a new interface between street and sea, courtesy of RA-DA

(Top) A site plan of the four easements, with local bicycle routes in red.
(Bottom) A birds-eye view of the four projects, connected by the shoreline.

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